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Food Matters Project Wrap-Up

This week is a wrap-up of the Food Matters Project.  It’s the final week of posting recipes from The Food Matters Cookbook.  Rather than another recipe, I’ve spent some time thinking of what I’ve learned doing this project, so here are some conclusions (in no particular order:


1. My favorite and most memorable recipe: Rigatoni with Vegetables, Figs & Blue Cheese.  I loved the blue cheese and fig combination in a pasta, and I can’t wait to try this again when figs are in season!

2. We finally learned how to make our own pizza.  Thanks to the post on whole wheat pizza, we’ve explored other toppings and new pizza crust recipes.  This has definitely been a staple in a our house a couple of times a month.

3. We made hummus from scratch.  Although it wasn’t my favorite recipe at that time, we’re recently added a Vitamix into our kitchen- can’t wait to try making it again!

4. Bruschetta comes in different varieties- it’s such a time saver when you’re hosting a dinner party!

5. Chimichurri is another awesome dish when you have friends over for dinner.  Quick, easy and delicious- what more could you ask for?!?

6. We tried anchovies for the first time, and they are delicious in a salad.  Don’t miss out!

7. My favorite dessert adventure was due to FMP- we made kumquat sorbet.  It was delicious, and I am now less intimidated to break out my ice cream maker.  Sorbets on the porch, during a DC summer, are a perfect way to wrap up the day.

8. Give cookbooks without photos a chance.  They encourage your cooking imagination and creativity- it was so much fun learning this for over a year.

This was a wonderful opportunity, and I’m so glad our blog continued to participate in this project (although sporadically).  The idea of eating less meat should be encouraged in more households, and I hope we spread Mark Bittman’s words a bit more.  Definitely play around with more foods, especially vegetables.  There are flavors and textures out there you may not have ever tasted, but don’t be afraid to try.

Start with what we’ve made before, there are a number of delicious dishes out there!  Or check out the other participants blogs to see what they’ve made!

Recipes We’ve Made via the Food Matters Project

Squash with Chipotle Dipping Sauce
Seasoned Popcorn
Roasted Red Pepper Pesto
Rigatoni with Vegetables, Figs and Blue Cheese
Seared Bean Sprouts with Mushrooms
Curry with Vegetables
Vegetable Coq au Vin
Vegetable & Bean Casserole
Cod in Spicy Rhubarb Sauce
Apple & Smoked Cheese Whole Wheat Pizza
Mostly Whole Wheat Bread
Asparagus & White Bean Soup
Black Bean & Corn Salsa
Chicken in Green Salsa
Vegetable Burritos
Tomato, Leek & Brie Tart
Crunchy Fish Tacos with Chimichurri Sauce
Walnut Pâté Sandwich with Arugula & Pears
Beet Chips with Pistachio Dip
Fresh Corn Salsa
Chicken & Potatoes with Romesco Sauce
Asian Vegetable Rolls with Peanut Sauce
Greek Panzanella Salad
Veggie Stir Fry
Summer Tabbouleh Salad
Lemon Cornmeal Cake
Apples, Blue Cheese & Honey
Broccoli & Cherry Rice with Acorn Squash
Polenta with Mushrooms
Cardamom & Pistachio Pear Crisp
Lamb, Carrot & Turnip Stuffed Cabbage
Rice & Lamb Burgers with Spinach & Tzatziki Sauce
Provencal Pasta Sauce with Whole Wheat Spaghetti
Dal with Lots of Vegetables
Central American Red Beans & Rice
Spinach Cobb Salad with Caper-Anchovy Vinaigrette
Bulgur Wheat Mango Salad with Avocado
Spicy Grapefruit Scallops with Arugula
Kumquat & Orange Sorbet
Potato & Corn Fritters
Tomato & Romaine Salad with Smoked Mozzarella
Pasta with Tuna, Tomatoes & Capers

Rum Raisin Ice Cream

As there are different types of books, there are different types of desserts.  Sometimes you might be in the mood for something chocolatey, or gooey and sticky.  Other times a cake or a pie.  Other days, especially now that it’s so hot, everyone is in the mood for ice cream.

Whenever I go for a run around the Mall, I see so many children (and adults) enjoying various types of ice cream.  Whether it’s a popsicle or a fudgesicle or an ice cream bar.  So by the time I get home, I want something for me!

That’s where our ice cream maker has come in handy.  This is a very easy ice cream to make.  I’m not going to lie, raisins are not my favorite.  But Sam’s been talking about making this specific flavor of ice cream, and we had bought the rum, so he made some.  I’m glad he did, because it’s delicious.  It’s sweet, but not too sweet, just the perfect amount.  I don’t know if I’ve changed my opinion about raisins, but I definitely am up for the rum raisin ice cream any day.

While we’re on the topic of running around the Mall…I always wonder how many pictures I’m in?  All you ever see is people taking pictures on all corners of the Mall, so I wonder how many times I’m that random person running in someone’s picture?

Want to try other frozen desserts?  How about our Pear Sorbet or Kumquat & Orange Sorbet!

Rum Raisin Ice Cream

3 cups half-and-half
1 1/2 cups whole milk
1 cup sugar
2/3 cup dark rum (we used Zaya)*
1 cup raisins

2 hours prior to making the ice cream, put the raisins and rum in a bowl to soak.  Drain raisins, but retain half of the rum.

Put cream, milk, and sugar in the ice cream maker for 20-30 minutes or until creamy.  Add the raisins and the remaining rum and allow it to incorporate.  Put the ice cream in the freezer for about an hour to set. Enjoy.

*Zaya incidentally is a wonderful sipping rum