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Reservations, Cupcakes & Bacon

There are so many articles out there which relate to food, restaurants, etc.  I often come across some and really want to share them.  So, these are some for today.

The Crowded Restaurant Conundrum: Why We’re All Gluttons for Punishment

The author wonders why people wait for hours to be seated at restaurants, is the meal that amazing?  Within the last couple of months, a couple of us ran into a simliar problem- we weren’t seated on time even though we had reservations, 45 minutes later we decided to leave, it wasn’t worth the wait! 

How Bacon Sizzled and People Got Sweet on Cupcakes

How does food become popular?  In Washington D.C. cupcakes are the biggest thing here (still), but so are Food Trucks.  What’s the next big thing?  Social media plays a large part (think: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, blogs, FourSquare, etc).  I wonder what a bacon cupcake would taste like…