Hello Everyone!  Thanks so much for coming to visit this blog!

We started Fifth Floor Kitchen in Oct 2010 as a place to share recipes with family, friends and other foodie bloggers (there are many of you).  Both of us have a passion for delicious food, great wine, traveling and celebrating what’s best in life.  We wanted to have a place where we can share our favorite recipes and results of some of our kitchen experiments.  We enjoy the process of learning to cook new foods, trying new flavors and seeing the end results!

Sam takes the majority of the photos, with our Nikon D3000 camera.  Although Evi has been known to get behind the lens once in a while.  This is definitely a team project.

We would like to thank everyone who has expressed interest in this blog, thank you so much for continuing to check it out.  We look forward to comments, feedback and questions.

Feel free to contact us at:  fifthfloorkitchen@gmail.com
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Thanks for checking in!
Evi & Sam

Sam & Evi in Warsaw, Poland (fall 2011)

2 responses to “About

  1. Evi,
    You never cease to amaze me! This website is perfect and I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes. I love to cook as well and am always looking for new and fun recipes! Thank you for sharing this with me =) Keep up the good work girl! You rock!

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