Christmas Vacation on a cruise ship!

So you may be wondering where we spent our Christmas.

Well, to give you some hints, we did a lot of this:

watching beautiful sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico

hanging out at the beach and working on our tans!

We got a wonderful Christmas gift to go on a cruise to Mexico.  The cruise left from Tampa, Florida and we stopped in Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico.  It was the perfect amount of sun, naps and relaxation.

While we were in Cozumel, we grabbed a bite to eat at Toro’s Place for some Mexican.  Both of us enjoy eating outdoors, so this place was perfect.  As can be expected, we munched on:

…some chips and salsa!  Washington does not have the best Mexican restaurants, so if we can find something while we travel- we definitely take advantage of it.  This was well worth it, the salsa was a bit spicy and the fish tacos mouthwatering.

Of course, Mexican food always tastes better with a beer and a lime!

It was a great trip where we got to relax outdoors, catch up on some reading and sleep in.  Sometimes it’s nice to get away and enjoy some free time.  Best of all, we got to spend this time with our family!

Have you guys gone on a cruise?  If so, where to?  Where are you planning your next vacation?

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