DC Fish Market

Every time I’ve driven from Virginia into DC on 395, I see the Fish Market on the right hand side of the highway, right on the water.  I’ve been meaning to visit it for almost over a year, and have heard great recommendations.  Feeling ambitious on exploring the city and taking advantage of a warm and sunny day, we decided to venture out of the house.

To enjoy the sunny day, we  decided to walk there.  There and back from the Penn Quarter area is about 3 miles, so it was a great way to walk off our lunch that we got there.

It’s a small area, but there are a lot of fish there!  It’s a little overwhelming at first to see what there is to offer- I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of shrimp (color and size).  First, we decided to walk around and explore what the fish market had to offer:

So many different varieties of shrimp!

We decided that next time, we’ll buy some of these Tiger Shrimp- they were huge!

In the end we decided to try some fried oysters and a crabcake.  The oysters were tastier, but there are many other things to try out there.  The place where we bought it from had a great lemonade-tea mixture that cooled us off for the walk home.

We didn’t end up buying anything to take home with us.  We would like to think of a menu and then buy it fresh and eat it that day.  So we’ll leave that for a future post.  Our first time there turned out great, we’ll definitely be back!

PS- Happy Birthday B* from Boston!!! Lots of love & hugs!!!

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