Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone has had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Lots of picnics, BBQ’s and sun.  It was a hot one here in DC today.  We went to the Nationals game today (sad, they lost) and got a little red since the sun was definitely beaming down.

Yesterday we spent part of the day with A* and C* picking strawberries.  We drove up to Butler’s Orchard and had some fun eating and picking them.

Between the four of us this is how much we picked (I’d say around 25 lbs?).

Don’t these look delicious?

If anyone has any suggestions on how to eat up our 10.5 lbs worth, we’d love some suggestions!

No recipe for today…hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!

2 responses to “Happy Memorial Day!

  1. Those look gorgeous! If I got 10 + pounds of strawberries, I’d probably freeze some of them and make jam with some of the rest.

  2. Thanks Beth! We did freeze some of them. They’re very yummy throughout the rest of the summer in smoothies or pies. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now. We pick blueberries too, but we eat/make most of them rather than freezing.

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