National’s Baseball in DC

I don’t follow baseball, but I do know that you can buy tickets for the Nationals fairly easily.  And cheap.  So when a friend asked if we’d like to join a small group, we were glad to join in for the Friday fun.

This was last Friday, it looked warm and sunny all day.  And then we went to the game, and it was freezing.  But we still had a great time!  So here’s a small recap.

Great seats!

The boys got hot dogs from a new stand at the stadium “Xtreme Loaded Dawgs”.  Apparently, they have various options, including: Vietnamese (cucumber, carrots, daikon, cilantro, chili sauce), Tailgate on a Plate (baked beans, shredded cheddar, BBQ sauce, potato salad, 1/2 lb hot dog), The Heater (Buffalo wing sauce, blue cheese cole slaw, celery salt).  The one pictured above is the Big Kid Dog (mac ‘n cheese & Fritos).  Sam added some jalapeños on his (obviously).  It was tasty, although I think that sometimes the simpler the better.

It started getting cold when the sun was going down!  Brrrrr!  Can’t wait to go to another game soon, and hopefully it’ll be warmer!

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