Sit back, Relax and Enjoy

So there is no recipe for today, I just wanted to remind everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy!

 I catch myself rushing through my To-Do List, making dinner, Sunday evenings and everything else in between.  Although it might be taxing and sometimes overwhelming to have so much to do, it’s necessary to enjoy everything- even tedious chores! 

Here at Fifth Floor Kitchen the first couple of months of 2011 have started of a bit hectic, uncertain, then extremely happy (x3).  When another exciting thing has happened (I got a new job that I cannot wait to start!) it made me realize how fortunate we are. 

To celebrate, we enjoyed a beautiful dinner at Proof Restaurant.  It was yummy, delicious…and it felt so nice not be rushed.  Drinking some bubbly, taking our time choosing our dishes, it’ll be a meal worth remembering.

Today, I brought a book to work and read outside.  It was 80 degrees and sunny here in DC, although a little warmer than everyone would probably want (reminds us all of the heat and humidity in mid-July), I enjoyed the sun on my face.  Then I spent time running with a friend on the Mall- how many people are lucky enough to run in the Nation’s Capital every day?  Not all, so I appreciated every minute of it!


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