Tomato Cabbage

During the winter I crave warm, home-cooked meals.  And a versatile dish is even better.  This cabbage can be a side dish, or an entrée.   We enjoyed it for a Sunday dinner with some fresh bread.  It’s fairly easy to make, and it’s easy to increase or decrease its spiciness. 

Tomato Cabbage
Adapted from: New York Times Fitness & Nutrition

4 tbsp olive oil
1 onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 cabbage (about 1 1/2 lbs), cored & diced
1 small dried red chili pepper
1 tsp sugar
1 28 oz can chopped tomatoes
1 tbsp salt
2 tsp paprika
1-2 tbsp red pepper flakes
1 tbsp sherry vinegar
1 tbsp ground pepper

Heat olive oil in a large skillet.  Add the onion and stir often until it is tender (about 5 minutes).  Add the garlic and bell pepper.  Continue cooking, stirring until the pepper is softened.  Add the cabbage.  Cook and stir until the cabbage is softened slightly, and lost its volume.  Add the chili pepper, sugar, tomatoes, salt, paprika, red pepper flakes.  Raise the heat, and cook until the tomatoes have cooked down slightly; about 10 minutes.  Turn the heat to low, cover and simmer 30 minutes, stirring often.  Add the vinegar and pepper.  Simmer for another 10 minutes. 

Once it’s finished cooking, serve with thick slices of country bread.

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